3.5.1. Petrophysical Interpretation

CCSNS No 1 - Petrophysical Summary

Initiated by the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Consortium of Nova Scotia, the CCS NS No. 1 borehole was drilled to evaluate the potential for injection of CO2 into porous sands within the Horton group.  The hole was drilled to a total depth of 1527m and was logged by Schlumberger in November of 2014.  Borehole conditions throughout the well are generally very good, with some minor to moderate washout occurring in shaley intervals.  Hole conditions over zones of higher sand and silt concentrations are very good, however porosities are very low.

The Horton group, which was the primary target, was not encountered. 

Pay flags within the shallow Sydney Mines Formation are a product of coal stringers and are not an indication of moveable hydrocarbons.  There are no identifiable porous or permeable zones within the South Bar, Silver Mine or Point Edward Formations. 

CCS NS NO. 1 Reservoir Evaluation Summary
Zones (Fm.) Top (m) Bottom (m) Gross (m) Flag Name Net (m) Vsh Avg (v/v) PhiE Avg (v/v) Sw Avg (v/v) Comments
Sydney Mines


418.0 403.0 PAY 0.0 0.28 0.10 N/A Coal indicating pay
South Bar 418.0 1035.0 617.0 PAY 0.0       Tight
Silver Mine 1035.0 1114.0 79.0 PAY 0.0       Tight
Point Edward 1114.0
1372.8 258.8 PAY 0.0       Tight