Bidder Information


Inquiries may be directed to Kris Kendell, Acting Director, Resources & Rights, at

How to Bid

Bidders are reminded to carefully read and follow the instructions for submitting a bid, as bids that are submitted incorrectly will not be considered. The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) is not obligated to accept any bid nor is the CNSOPB required to issue an interest as the result of Call for Bids NS22-1.

Section 2.3 of Call for Bids NS22-1 describes the submission of bids. Terms and Conditions require the successful bidder post a Work Deposit in the amount of 25 per cent of its Work Expenditure Bid, within 30 days of receiving notice that their bid was successful, as a condition of issuance of the Exploration Licence (EL).

Bids completed in the proper format, as described in section 2.3, must be received by the CNSOPB before 4 p.m. Atlantic Time on September 19, 2023 at the following address:

Kris Kendell
Acting Director, Resources & Rights
Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board
201 Brownlow Avenue, Suite 27
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  B3B 1W2

Amendments To Call For Bids NS22-1

The CNSOPB may amend Call for Bids NS22-1 at any time up to 10 days prior to the closing date of 4 p.m. Atlantic Time on September 19, 2023. Any amendment made to Call for Bids NS22-1 shall be published on this website. Bidders are advised to refer to this website prior to submitting their bids. 

Licensing Information

The following will apply if licences are issued for Parcel 7 as a result of Call for Bids NS22-1:

Sable Island – Drilling Prohibition

Drilling from the surface will not be permitted on Sable Island or within one (1) nautical mile seaward of the low water mark of Sable Island. All other activities within that area will require that the operator prepare a Code of Practice to ensure the protection of Sable Island.

Sable Island - Condition in the Event of Future Development

In accordance with a directive dated November 19, 1998 issued by the Premier of Nova Scotia and Minister responsible for the Accord Act pursuant to subsection 41(2) of the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord (Nova Scotia) Act, if the interest owner or any interest holder of lands on or near Sable Island makes a discovery or discoveries within Sable Island and a Development Plan(s) is subsequently filed, the Development Plan(s) must, at a minimum, include:

(a) a study that investigates and reports on the likelihood of subsidence of and around Sable Island;

(b) the program to be developed and implemented to detect subsidence; and

(c) if it is determined that subsidence may or has started to occur, the program that would be implemented to mitigate subsidence.

Activity cannot take place before an activity authorization is issued.  Additional information on licensing and activity authorizations is available by clicking here.